Northwest Christian School

Educating for Today, Training for Eternity
Northwest Christian School’s Early Childhood Program recognizes the dual importance of laying a strong academic foundation for children while still allowing kids to be kids.  Therefore, our program integrates academic skills with structured play and fun activity.  The following list provides the practical framework through which our educators seek to develop student learning and growth.

Preschool/ Pre-K Skills
General Academic Skills - Recognition of colors, size, shapes, positions (such as under, over, around), numbers, and letters.
Handwriting - Practice writing shapes, letters, and numbers.
Math/Science – Introduction to measuring, matching, sorting, number sequencing, counting rhythms, categorizing, and observing.
Language/Pre-Reading - Increasing vocabulary, conversational principals for children and adults, and building proficiency in language.
Moral/Spiritual Awareness - Developing an understanding of God’s love. Understanding and demonstrating kindness, friendliness, compassion, forgiveness, and love thorough stories and activities about God.
Small Motor Skills - Running, throwing catching, exercising, and cooperative games.
Social Skills - Sharing, conflict resolution, taking turns, problem solving, peer interaction, listening, using words to express feelings, respecting others ideas and property, and caring for one’s own surroundings.
Self-Help Skill - Taking care of personal needs such as dressing, using the bathroom and eating independently.

Physical Wellbeing – Daily exercise, healthy snack options, prayer, and sleep.